Police shoot man dead north of Brisbane

Police officers fatally shot a man at his home north of Brisbane after going to speak to him about a series of hoax triple zero calls.


The 33-year-old man’s housemate says officers knocked on the door of his flat at Kippa-Ring just after midnight on Tuesday.

“I told them I could go and get him for them and they were like ‘yep, that’s fine’,” the dead man’s housemate, who identified himself as Adam, told Fairfax Radio.

“So I went and knocked on his door and got him up and he opened the door and I said ‘the police are here for you’ and something happened then.

“And then I turned around and looked at the police, you know just to see if I have to move away then or anything. I turned back around and he had a knife in his hand trying to rush them and stuff.”

Adam said he, rather than his flatmate, ended up being pepper sprayed during the incident.

“I’ve tried to stop him from doing it (lunging at police),” he said, adding that he was devastated by his housemate’s death.

Superintendent Mick Brady said the man lunged at the officers with a knife, prompting the officers to open fire.

“That has resulted in him being shot twice (and he) succumbed to his injuries,” he said.

“Obviously it’s very traumatic for all those involved.”

The police watchdog as well as the Crime and Corruption Commission are investigating the shooting.

Union president Ian Leavers said the officers involved had to make a split-second decision.

“When it comes to the preservation of life, we will do whatever we can,” he said.

“Because my view is every police officer is entitled to go home at the end of their shift to their families.

“Police will always show great restraint and we use the least amount of force as possible. But it is a difficult and dangerous job and we have to make instantaneous decisions.”


* On Tuesday, a man was shot dead after allegedly lunging at officers with a knife at Kippa-Ring, north of Brisbane.

* In April, a man was shot in the stomach after police were called to a domestic dispute at a Capalaba unit, on Brisbane’s bayside.

* In May, police opened fire on a car after a bandit drove at an officer at Yeppoon. The man wasn’t hit.

* In August, an officer repeatedly fired on a driver who allegedly tried to run him down in Brisbane. The man wasn’t hit.

* In September, officers shot dead a gunman after he allegedly threatened them during a lengthy stand-off outside an Inala unit block in Brisbane.

* In October, a man was shot in the head and arm after allegedly driving at officers who were investigating the theft of a trailer and ride-on-mower at Rochedale, in Brisbane’s south. He woke from a coma earlier this month.