Tony Abbott ‘serial offender’ over ABC, SBS cuts: Clare

Shadow Communications Minister Jason Clare has hit out at cuts to the ABC and SBS, saying Tony Abbott is continually breaking promises.


Communications Minister Malcolm Turnbull appeared last night on ABC鈥檚 Q&A program, where he confirmed that both the ABC and SBS are facing budget cuts of up to 5 per cent.

This comes on top of cuts made before the release of the federal budget, where a further 4 per cent was taken from the ABC budget, including their Asian branch, Australia Network.

鈥淭he night before the election he said that there would be no cuts to the ABC, and no cuts to SBS鈥?It鈥檚 a rolled gold broken promise, it鈥檚 a half a billion dollar promise,鈥?Mr Clare said.

Mr Clare stated that cuts like these were becoming an 鈥渋ssue of trust鈥?and that the Prime Minister was becoming a 鈥渟erial offender鈥?

鈥淭he only thing that you can trust is that Tony Abbott will break his promises,鈥?the Shadow Minister said.

However, according to the ABC鈥檚 own figures, the Coalition have kept more promises than they have broken.

The government believes that cuts to the ABC and SBS should not affect programming or resources. Minister Turnbull told the ABC last night that he went to 鈥渃onsiderable pains鈥?to protect program quality.

鈥淎nyone here who is in business, who has been in business, particularly anyone who has been in the media business, in the private sector, that could not manage to find 5 per cent out of efficiencies is not even trying.鈥?br />

Mr Turnbull stated that cuts should come from administration and back of house, without affecting programming.

Mr Clare disagreed saying that these systems are too connected.

鈥淗alf a billion dollars鈥?worth of cuts to the ABC will mean not just back office cuts, but hundreds of people getting the sack, and lots of terrific programs getting the axe.鈥?br />

鈥淭ony Abbott has broken more promises than Pinocchio. If you put him on a lie detector, it would blow up,鈥?says Mr Clare.

The Shadow Minister warned the government about their actions, suggesting Opposition Leader Bill Shorten鈥檚 10 point lead indicates the instability of the government鈥檚 position.

鈥淚t [the ABC] is a lot more popular that this Liberal government is. And they need to be wary of that when they take the axe to ABC and SBS.鈥?/p>